Centering Prayer

Centering prayer is a discipline of intentional silence. You might think of it as clearing the table to prepare a place for the Divine to come and sit with you. It is an intentional cultivation of your external space and interior spaces.

In this four-lesson course on Centering Prayer, Maddy Miller will walk with you through an introduction to Centering Prayer, the history of Centering Prayer, attention of the heart, and the Welcoming Prayer. Our hope is that this course will take you into a deeper relationship with yourself and with the Divine.

If you’re ready to learn a practice of intentional slowing-down and being with yourself and God, sign up for Centering Prayer today.

In this Centering Prayer course, you will learn a practice you can do again and again.

By the end of this course, you will:

  1. Be able to identify three types of meditation.
  2. Know more about the history of meditative prayer and its importance as a spiritual practice.
  3. Cultivate a greater capacity for being in the present moment by observing your inner thoughts and feelings.
  4. Identify your day-to-day sources of discomfort.
  5. Develop skills to be present with the discomfort and move through it with awareness and intention.
  6. Reflect on your connection with God and your connection to yourself.

These five lessons contain two videos - an instructional video and a guided practice. In addition, you’ll receive reflective exercises in the accompanying Guidebook.

This course consists of:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. The Sacred Word
  3. The History of Centering Prayer & Releasing the False Self
  4. Attention of the Heart & The Inner Observer
  5. The Welcoming Prayer

Each lesson consists of two videos - an instructional video and a guided practice. In addition, you’ll receive reflective exercises in the accompanying Guidebook.

Plan to spend 30-45 mins per lesson, though you can divide that into two shorter sittings if you prefer. We recommend you watch one lesson per week, and repeat the guided practice daily throughout the week before moving onto the next lesson.

You can view a sample of the Guidebook by clicking here.

What others are saying about "Centering Prayer"

 “This practice of Centering Prayer has been a true gift. I've developed a daily practice of it that is changing the way I live in my body and spirit at deep levels."
- Ken Jones, Owner of Fish Window Cleaning

Centering Prayer Community

The Centering Prayer course is occasionally available as a community offering. When completed as a Community, you get all the course content plus access to a private discussion forum, the support of a community of participants, and a weekly 2-hour discussion on Zoom. 

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